What are the terms and conditions of a Cavalier Advantage Account?

Cavalier Advantage is an account on your UVA student or faculty/staff ID card which is administered by the Office of Business Services. Your University ID card is non-transferable.

Upon graduation or withdrawal from the University, you may request a refund in writing if your balance exceeds $30. A $20 processing fee will be charged for all refunds. You have sixty days after leaving the University to request a refund.

A lost or stolen student ID card, faculty/staff ID card should immediately be deactivated online through the ID Card Office. This will stop all activity on your Cavalier Advantage account and protect any other privileges. You are responsible for charges made prior to notification. Students with meal plans will still be able to give their UVA ID number up to six times per semester with proper identification. If you find your lost card and you haven't replaced it with a new one, you may easily reactivate it the same way.

If you return merchandise purchased with your Cavalier Advantage funds, your Cavalier Advantage account will be credited.

Deposits made online, utilizing the web-based deposit system, will be processed without the use of the actual card.

Changes to these terms and conditions as well as procedures related to the Cavalier Advantage program will apply to all cards and supersede those in effect at the time the card was issued.

The Office of Business Services is responsible for establishing, maintaining and terminating accounts. If you have any questions, please email.