About Cavalier Advantage

About Cavalier Advantage

What is Cavalier Advantage?

Cavalier Advantage is an account on your student or faculty/staff ID card. The account is activated once funds have been deposited with the University. Cavalier Advantage eliminates the need to carry cash and offers value in addition to convenience.

Cavalier Advantage works as a declining balance account on your card; funds must be available in the account for its use. When purchases are made, the balance decreases; when it reaches a zero balance purchases will no longer be accepted. Cash cannot be withdrawn from the account, and there is no minimum balance to maintain. Your University ID card is not transferable. Consult the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about Cavalier Advantage.

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Discounts and Uses for Cardholders

Cavalier Advantage can be used at all Dining locations on-Grounds (including dining halls) except Darden and the Hospital. It is also accepted at vending machines, copiers, laundry machines, all Bookstore locations, Newcomb Hall Post Office, Central Grounds Parking Garage, Student Health and the Pharmacy, Cavalier Computers, and many other locations.

  • Save 10% on all regularly priced merchandise at TJ's Locker located at AFC (except at the Cavalier Computers satellite store inside TJ's).

When purchasing food at a location such as the Pavilion with an ID card, students should specify "Plus Dollars" or "Cavalier Advantage" to the cashier.


Upon graduation or withdrawal from the University, you may request a refund in writing if your balance exceeds $30. A $20 processing fee will be charged for all refunds, which will be removed from the remaining refundable balance. You may email your request to the office; simply include your name, the last 5-digits of your UVAID number ONLY (for security purposes), the reason for the refund, and where to send it. You have sixty days after leaving the University to request a refund.

Lost or Stolen

It is important to immediately report a lost or stolen University ID card to protect your accounts and privileges. There are two alternate ways. You only need to choose one.

  • Go online to immediately deactivate. Go back online to immediately reactivate only if current ID card is found. (Reactivation of a previous ID card must be done in office.)
  • Call or email the ID Card Office 434-924-4508 or the Cavalier Advantage Office 434-982-5735 between Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Please include your name and the last 5-digits of your UVAID number ONLY (for security purposes).

You are responsible for any account activity made prior to reporting the loss of your card. (Students with meal plans will still be able to give their UVA ID number up to six times per semester with proper identification.)

If you find your lost card (and you haven't replaced it with a new one), you may easily reactivate it the same way.

Terms and Conditions

The Cavalier Advantage program is administered by the Office of Business Operations. The office is located in the Observatory Hill Dining Hall, on the corner of Alderman and McCormick Roads. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. We welcome your comments.

If you return merchandise purchased with your Cavalier Advantage funds, your Cavalier Advantage account will be credited.

Deposits made online, utilizing the web-based deposit system, will be processed without the use of the actual card.

Changes to these terms and conditions as well as procedures related to the Cavalier Advantage program will apply to all cards and supersede those in effect at the time the card was issued.

The Business Operations Office is responsible for establishing, maintaining and terminating accounts. If you have any questions, please email.